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Quadcell provides a centralised platform for the MVNE to manage the wholesale relationship with its MVNOs, and offers secure, segregated access for each MVNO to view and maintain its own end-customer details.

As the MVNE acquires new customers (MVNOs), they can be quickly added to the Quadcell system using it not only to bill the MVNO on a wholesale basis, but also as a platform for the MVNO to manage its own subscribers, either via direct user login or using Quadcell’s extensive API layer to integrate with its own BSS/OSS applications.


Based on their user permissions, MVNOs are given access to specific batches of SIMs assigned to them by the MVNE and can then use Quadcell to pair MSISDNs and ICCIDs as they are sold.For each MVNO SIM (subscriber) that is activated, a corresponding service with the associated wholesale charges is created under the MVNOs billing account. 


SIM Card management

Various SIM loading models are available depending on the preference of the MVNE. For example, SIMs can be loaded into Quadcell and made available to any MVNO, or they can be restricted to a specific MVNO and so hidden from any other user. Ultimately, SIMs can be loaded and then automatically provisioned on the MVNE’s core network (i.e. HLR/HSS, SMSC, GGSN/PGw, etc.) ready for dispatch, but with a bar applied.


Service management

Restricted access to CRM Plus can be granted to MVNO CSRs for key service management processes, including:

● Service changes and upgrades
● SIM swaps
● MISISDN changes
● Disconnections


SIM Card management

Quadcell supports 2 distinct charging models for the MVNE, depending on their relationship with the host network operator:

Offline charging – whereby Cerillion is used to price wholesale usage based on offline CDRs or by guiding pre-rated records directly to the appropriate MVNO billing accounts when an external charging system is used.

Online charging – when the MVNE has access to the network control plane, Cerillion’s Convergent Charging System can additionally be used to provide online charging for an MVNO’s prepaid services.

In both cases, Quadcell provides a feed of wholesale rated usage for each MVNO allowing them to re-rate or apply further processing in their own BSS/OSS platforms as required. 


Wholesale billing

At the end of each billing period (e.g. monthly),  Revenue Manager generates a wholesale invoice for each MVNO, including recurring fees, usage charges and any applicable wholesale discounts.


Flexible deployment

The system can be deployed either on premise or as a hosted solution, with managed service options providing further operational flexibility to the MVNE depending on their IT strategy.

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